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Conservatives Focus On Obama To Their Detriment

For three and a half years, we conservatives have been longing for – reaching for – impatiently waiting for November 2, 2012. We do not like the Obamanation. But in focusing so much on our displeasure with Barack, we have … Continue reading

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Ron Paul…The Revolution Hoards Delegates

While the media attempts to cram down the public’s throats the narrative they want to write – that the Republican primaries are over and Mitt Romney is the candidate, that the VP search has begun, that the only two politicians … Continue reading

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Volitional Buffett

An article on The Ticket has revealed that, per the White House’s report, President Obama’s secretary paid taxes at a higher rate than he did for 2011. Also, his gross income for the year was nearly $800,000. He can be … Continue reading

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Why I Quit Facebook

Why I Quit… The reasons are numerous – an accumulation of dissatisfactions, irritations, disturbing posts by “friends,” and so on. But the reason I finally decided to quit Facebook – the event because of which I finally leaped from the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Wins St. Charles County Caucus

After last month’s tumultuous, unfinished caucus, St. Charles county in Missouri held a do-over caucus Tuesday, April 10. This time around, audio and video recording were permitted (the ban of which caused the beginning of the end for the first … Continue reading

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Ron Paul, Foreign Policy, and American Intervention History

*Correction: The first publishing of this article misstated the level of the U.S.’s military spending. That error has since been remedied. If he is not elected to the office of president, Ron Paul’s “foreign policy” may prove to be the … Continue reading

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A Poem

This poem was authored by Wendell Berry in 2008. I thought it fitting for Spring’s beauty that surrounds us. —– A man is walking in a field and everywhere at his feet in the short grass of April the small … Continue reading

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The Canon

We all pretty much agree on the 66 books. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus…and so on. Then the Catholics have the Apocrypha. And the Baptists have Lifeway publications. And so on…

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