The Canon

We all pretty much agree on the 66 books. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus…and so on.

Then the Catholics have the Apocrypha.

And the Baptists have Lifeway publications.

And so on…

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7 Responses to The Canon

  1. Melanie Oakes says:

    Baptists do not put Lifeway on the level of the Bible. You know this! Am I missing your point?

  2. Captain says:

    Interesting how you compare the Apocrypha with Lifeway publications. Not sure Lifeway publications have been added to the bible. ????

  3. I’m not saying Lifeway is objectively bad or that all Baptists put Lifeway publications on the level of the Bible. I’ve just noticed that Lifeway seems to be the default provider of the majority of the teaching we administer and receive in Baptist churches. I’ve not ever heard anybody question Lifeway, and we seem to generally just subscribe and keep those quarterlies coming. Comparing Lifeway material to the canon might be a little strong…but it seems very much like a Baptist missal. Not that I have a problem with missals. I’m just making observations.
    For that matter, I think the Apocrypha has some valuable things to offer. Heck, Jude quotes it in his very short, canonized book (Jude 14-15)! So the question is: at least with those two verses, they’re God-breathed (II Tim. 3:16) because they’re in the 66 books, so are they God-breathed when you read them in the Apocrypha? And if so, are the surrounding verses around them NOT God-breathed?
    I DO have a problem with missiles…

  4. friendmouse says:

    I could be mistook, but, Mr. Nathan, you may be interested in knowing that, basically, Lifeway used to be called The Baptist Book Store. And, again I could be off a bit, but it didand I believe still does, receive some funding from the SBC. But, because of the perceived (by some) tainted name “Baptist”, it was thought the stores might be appealing to a broader audience were they to change the name…to Lifeway. Could be worse.

  5. Steve Adams says:

    Maybe I didn’t take you seriously enough. I read your post and thought it was a joke, so I laughed. Very funny.

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