Ron Paul…The Revolution Hoards Delegates

While the media attempts to cram down the public’s throats the narrative they want to write – that the Republican primaries are over and Mitt Romney is the candidate, that the VP search has begun, that the only two politicians worth discussing now are Romney and Obama – Ron Paul continues to garner delegates.

Colorado republicans held their state convention on Saturday. While Ron Paul placed a distant fourth in their popular-vote election during the Colorado caucuses, he walked away from the convention with as many delegates as Mitt Romney – 13 – and potentially more in delegates who will be unbound after the first round of voting at the national convention. Santorum received 7 bound delegates. This article reports the details. This article (from the New York Times), on the other hand, was published just after the Colorado caucuses in February, and declares Romney and Santorum the state’s clear winners, assigning no delegates to Paul. There are more articles like this, for more states.

For example: Minnesota. Paul did fairly well in Minnesota, coming in second place to Santorum, who was running strong in most places at that time. This article (also from the New York Times), published just after the Minnesota caucuses in February (the same day as Colorado’s), assigns 33 delegates to Santorum and 4 to Ron Paul. But such was not the case on Saturday, when Minnesota held three of its eight congressional district conventions. There, Ron Paul received all of the 9 delegates at stake. Minnesota will send 40 delegates to the national convention, and many more of those delegates will be chosen this week at more district conventions. Ron Paul already obtained more delegates than he was forecast to – could he sweep the entire state?

Finally, in my home state of Missouri, things are looking good for the Ron Paul campaign. Rick Santorum took the state by a huge majority in the February non-binding (meaningless) primaries. But the March caucuses attested to the excellent leadership, organization, passion, and dedication of the Ron Paul campaign and its supporters. Paul swept several crucial counties, and is poised to garner a large amount of national delegates – over half of which will be selected this weekend at Missouri district conventions. The rest will be chosen at the state convention in June. Based on my conversation with leadership and my access to delegate counts for each candidate, I’d say – as the Miller county coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign – Ron Paul has a good chance of taking the majority of Missouri’s delegates.

And the race continues. Ignore the lies from the mainstream media – from Fox News to MSNBC, they’re interested in writing their own narrative and selling advertising, not in reporting the truth.

Seek the truth, and you’ll see that this race is far from over. Ron Paul’s influence continues to grow. Mitt Romney is a pseudo-conservative, and Ron Paul is now the only viable alternative to him.

Texas voting is just around the corner….let’s see if my great native state decides to vote for liberty.

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4 Responses to Ron Paul…The Revolution Hoards Delegates

  1. mike williams says:

    If ron paul does not win this country is in terrible trouble.these elections are obviously fixed

  2. Christy ,Hawaii says:

    Come on Texas! Paul needs a win to meet certain requirements I believe.

  3. Casey Heyrend says:

    i agree mike dont look to lamestreet meida they are all liers

  4. glen says:

    Great …well written and totally agree

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