A New Post

I know it’s high time for a new post. Life’s vicissitudes have kept me from it. Also, sometimes I just feel rather uninspired. And I keep waiting for Kate to put up a post (I know many of you do too). I guess she’s busy tending the house and our one-year-old or something.

Speaking of that kid…

I’m teaching him to tend the garden. He LOVES fresh strawberries!

There ya go.

Many things are new since I last blogged. I’ll just hit the highlights, and we’ll say we’re caught up.

1) My friend Will and I have begun a farmers market in Osage Beach. It’s (creatively) named Osage Beach Farmers Market. Our first market day was May 10th. We’ve had another since then, and both have been a great success! We have some fantastic vendors selling some fantastic foods and non-foods, and we expect all that to continue to grow. One those amazing vendors is my wife. I’ll get to that in a minute. The market is every Thursday, from 4-8PM. Check us out on the web: www.osagebeachfarmersmarket.com . And please “Like” us on Facebook (just search “Osage Beach Farmers Market”)!

2. Ron Paul has stopped actively campaigning for the Republican nomination. This means he will no longer spend money running ads and campaigning in states that have not yet held primaries. The Liberty R3volution marches ever onward, however, and many Ron Paul delegates will show up to the Republican National Convention. We will continue to tell the establishment that we want LESS government and MORE freedom.

3. Sweet Kate’s Bakery is now operational. That’s the bakery that operates from our house – on a very small scale. Kate bakes the most amazing breads and pastries, and has begun selling them at the farmers market. I transformed our laundry room into a now-health-inspected-and-approved commercial kitchen. If you live in Missouri, you simply must come to the market and try her baked goods. If you don’t….you probably should anyways. I have the most amazing wife. Period.

4. Apparently sunscreen might increase your risk of skin cancer…? Typical. This article tells all about it.

5. I now write for the Lake Expo, a local news media. Check it out at http://www.lakeexpo.com. You can read my first article – about the farmers market, of course! – here.

6. My brother, Daniel, graduated from high school (valedictorian)! My sister, Jessica, graduated from Dental Hygiene school (with a 4.0 in her last semester, and having aced her state boards)! CONGRATULATIONS to my super-achieving siblings!

7. The garden is looking pretty good. Lettuce is going crazy. Tomatoes, peppers, and squash are growing (nothing to eat yet, though), potatoes seem happy, onions are doing well. We’ve eaten a few strawberries. Carrots are planted. Herbs are growing. Worms have nearly ruined our few broccoli plants (oh, I kill them, but apparently not quickly enough nor often enough). Something has been snacking on our spinach (before we were able to!). And a few of our pea plants have just randomly died. On the bright side, since we had the pigs in the garden to till it up for a while, and we fed them food scraps in there, random tomato and squash plants have been springing up all over the place! It’s great!

I’ll end with that. Now that we’re all caught up, we can blog a bit more regularly again.

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One Response to A New Post

  1. thelyniezian says:

    Well, glad to see everything’s going well guys. Maybe one day I should start getting out in the garden- I mean, if your little ‘un can do it…

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