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Stovaries — a poultry poem

The year’s longest day, And the chickens won’t lay. Oh, Biddies! — Has my wild shepherd pup Plugged your ovaries up? Are you hiding your jewels Like prudence from fools? Are you molting? Revolting? May I offer some jolting: I’M … Continue reading

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Growing A Farmers Market

As the farmers market continues to grow, we are generating more and more public interest, as evidenced by this story in The Lake Today! Wahoo!

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Two Dozen Biddies

Yesterday was chicken killing day. We started at 11AM. We finished at 7PM. I say “we” – Kate helped for about half the time, but also had to tend Saylor and then go help at the church for a while. … Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda

It saddens me that so many evangelicals believe in the existence of and are committed to fighting an undefined force they title “The Gay Agenda,” but many of them are unwilling to acknowledge a very real force for evil in … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

The following events are just around the corner for The Ozark House: 1) Chicken slaughter —-The biddies have nearly exhausted their designated lifespan. We had to kill one early, because a cursed raccoon got enough of himself into the coop … Continue reading

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