Coming soon…

The following events are just around the corner for The Ozark House:

1) Chicken slaughter

—-The biddies have nearly exhausted their designated lifespan. We had to kill one early, because a cursed raccoon got enough of himself into the coop to chew on a chicken’s leg. So we killed him (the chicken….the coon is still at large), cleaned him, cut off the tainted leg, and froze him. That leaves 25 chickens to process. It’ll be a good half-day task!

2) Pig slaughter

—-Yes, pigerator #2 is big and fat and ready to go. I’m not exactly sure when this is going to happen (or HOW it’s going to happen). I want to do it myself, but I’m a little nervous about the warm weather and the potential for the meat to spoil, since we don’t have a place to age it and get it really cold before processing. May just take it to the butcher. We’ll see…

3) Tomato harvest

—-We have some green tomatoes, the largest being from random “volunteer” plants that sprung up as a result of our keeping the pigs in the garden for awhile. We fed them scraps, and apparently they didn’t eat all the tomato and squash seeds, because there are lots of random plants growing! No complaints here! The greenies will be ripening within a couple of weeks, I imagine. Surely before July.


Meanwhile, the farmers market is thriving, and we are working hard on obtaining more veggie vendors.

Sweet Kate’s Bakery is growing as the farmers market grows. We even landed our first retail vendor last week – a new local coffee shop wants to sell the molasses cookies and blueberry muffins! It’s the start of something good…

I’ve been writing and editing for, which I thoroughly enjoy doing.

Saylor is now saying “please” (“peeee”), “banana” (“nana”), “mama” (“baba”) – finally! – “up” (“UP!”) – constantly, when he wants to be picked up – “chip” (“chip”)…we eat lots of chips…and lots of other words. He knows the sounds that cows, chickens, donkeys, and pigs make, and he imitates them quite nicely! He’s an amazing kid and a hilarious toddler.

Life is good. Photos of goodness coming soon…

Droppin’ it like it’s hot. This kid loves to dance.

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7 Responses to Coming soon…

  1. JuJu says:

    OH my goodness that is one of the best pics I’ve seen in a while. Laughed Out Loud.

  2. I personally love that the front of his shirt is soaked…looks like he’s been sweatin’ it out on the dance floor for hours.

  3. thelyniezian says:

    No more gory pictures I suppose?

    Anyway,congratulations on the business ventures’ successes and Saylor growing up- hope to keep following things…

  4. N&K Sister says:

    oh I have the cutest nephew in the world

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