Baby Chicks!

New life has emerged on the farm!

Yesterday, our hens’ hard work (and surely sore bottoms) finally paid off, and we are happy to report that the chicks are hatching!

If I remember correctly, we placed at least six eggs under our hens.

They both had refused to sit in individual nesting boxes – they wanted to share one clutch of eggs! So we’re not sure how this is going to work out with the whole “Are you my mommy?” thing. I imagine they’ll divide them up somehow.

We don’t think they’ve all hatched yet, but we’re unable to check for sure, because the mommas won’t get up, and you’ll get a serious pecking if you try to reach in there!

We have no idea what kind of chickens these will be. We’re sure that a couple of them will be pure barred rocks. The rest will be hybrids between Barred Rock (since that’s what our roosters are) and either Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, or some as-yet-undetermined black bantam chicken (she’s one of the mommas who sat).

We essentially just took eggs from all our hens and stuck them under the two sitters. Variety!

But to add to the variety even more, of our two Barred Rock roosters, one is a bantam (miniature) version, and the other is a full-sized monster.

So it’s very possible that nearly every single chick will be different!

Finally, we do hope that they don’t all turn out to be boys! If they do, they’ll just go into the crockpot at about 4 months old. But if they’re ladies, then we’ll get more eggs! Hooray!

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