Taters and Colors


That’s a quote from Golum, in Lord of the Rings.

The answer to his question might be, “The thing we now have a lot of!”

Yesterday, we were given a gift that only a few happy people could ever appreciate. Those people are pig farmers.

Thanks to a local food bank’s loss, we received a large quantity of slightly-rotten or soon-to-be-rotting potatoes.

590 pounds. They filled up both of our rain barrels.

I had the pup stand next to the barrel, to give the image some scale.
He’s a good pup.

They didn’t even know the bliss that awaited them.

They were so happy. SO happy.

Here’s a video of their happiness.

And then here’s a video of Bubby, in his own little heaven.

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2 Responses to Taters and Colors

  1. Christina says:

    adorable.. the kid, that is, not the pigs! 😉

  2. Dixie says:

    Love it!! So precious, smart, funny, cute, and obviously thinking about and missing his Lala :). Put him on a plane, and get him down here! Give him lots of hugs and kisses from his Lala, and then hug each other from me. Have a blessed day! Oh, I spent the night with Sugar last night at the rehab. She slept all night, and feels great this morning. She is at occupational therapy now for an hour, then we will go to breakfast. I’ll probably stay another night then have to cook a meal for preteen luncheon on Sunday. So things are looking better here. She should get to go home and have home healthcare come in twice a week for her. So glad she is at this point. Love y’all have a great weekend. LLA

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