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Vote for Liberty

I’d like to make a couple of comments about the upcoming election, and then give a list of candidates throughout the nation I think are worth electing. And just to make it clear up front, I’ll not be promoting any … Continue reading

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CNN’s shameless debate spin: Ryan won, but Biden won

I was at Pizza Hut while the Veep Debate was unfolding (unraveling?), and the establishment was playing the event on a muted television. I commented to my fellow diners, “The media will NEVER let Biden lose this debate. If nothing … Continue reading

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My Latest Fascinations- Hypnobirth and Placenta Encapsulation

I recently read this blog post about hypnobirth. During this season of life, I am desperately wanting to get pregnant again, so I’ve been spending my internet time researching pregnancy, birth, and baby stuff again. I came across this post … Continue reading

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Happy October from Kate

Greetings! This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I heard someone say recently that “September and October are months God gave us to let us know he isn’t mad at us, sort of an apology for July and … Continue reading

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A Victory for Raw Milk

This is great news!

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