Happy October from Kate

Greetings! This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I heard someone say recently that “September and October are months God gave us to let us know he isn’t mad at us, sort of an apology for July and August!”  I couldn’t agree more; I hate summer. And I hated this summer even more than others. Nathan left Saylor and me here at The Ozark House so he could chip away at his Graduate degree in Maryland. I wanted to write more about my adventures on the blog all summer long, but I didn’t want to make it known to who-knows-who that we were alone. I felt that wasn’t safe, although Nathan did equip me with shotgun-shootin’ skills before he left. Thank God I didn’t have to use them!

I didn’t enjoy being without my man, mainly because I missed him, and also because there is a lot to do around here! Saylor and I tended to the whole farm, which includes the animals, the garden, the house, and the bakery. Saylor didn’t do much “tending” though. He mainly kept me company and kept me from feeling lonesome. He is very good at that! I love that kid! Also, family became my saving grace this summer. They all came to help out around here. I wouldn’t have been able to survive without them! Visitors included: my mom; my sisters, Bailey and Olivia; Nathan’s parents, Barry and Dixie; Nathan’s siblings, Jessica, Daniel, and Juliette (Adam’s wife); and Jessica’s boyfriend, Dell.

Even though I didn’t get to blog this summer, I want to share the highlights with you.

Dead Chicken #1 The DAY Nathan left, Ozark (dog) severely injured one of our hens. I found her right before sunset that night. I picked her up, oozing and everything, and placed her in the coop for the night. I expected to open the door the next morning and find her dead. She was not, but she didn’t look good. She wouldn’t eat, drink, or leave the coop. I came back to check on her, and she had made her way over to our broody hen, who had been sitting on some eggs. There she sat hovering over the future mama — all UP in her business! I thought this was weird, but I had grown squeamish and didn’t want to mess with her anymore. I left her alone to stalk the mother hen and her eggs. I figured she might be scared, knowing she would die soon. She needed to be close to someone to comfort her. I came back to check on them, and the broody hen had left! She had abandoned her eggs! The injured hen still sat there… wait no… she’s not injured anymore. She’s dead — stiff as a board! Those poor eggs were being “incubated” by a cold-dead chicken. I called Nathan, and asked him what I needed to do with the hen. He told me to tie her to Ozark’s collar and make him wear her around a few days to teach him not to hurt the chickens anymore. I protested at first, but knew that I had to do it if I didn’t want this to happen again while Nathan was gone. I had my mom help me. It was a hilarious moment! I wish you could have been there. I put the broody hen back on her eggs, hoping they would still hatch. They never did. Also, the dead hen detached from Ozark’s collar prematurely, and I made no efforts to put it back on there. I said “screw it!” or something like that, and threw her in the trash.

Dead Chicken #2 Tying “Dead Chicken #1” to Ozark’s collar didn’t accomplish anything, because I came home one night with another injured hen in the front yard. Again, I picked her up and placed her in the coop. She died the next day.

Dead Chicken #3 I walked into the coop one afternoon to collect eggs, and something smelled like death (should have been my first clue). I assumed it was one of the eggs that had never hatched and had gone rotten. With no time to do anything about it then, I walked away. I walked down there the next morning and got a whiff of the rotten, death smell before I even approached the coop. I did a little investigating, which meant following my nose (you should be feeling sorry for me by now). I discovered that one of our hens had gotten trapped in the back corner of the coop and died, probably from heat and lack of water. This made me especially upset because it was my fault. Also, the bird that died was one of our Ameraucana hens. Those are the “easter-eggers,” the ones that lay blue eggs. I loved that bird. I even named her — Dawn.

Oh, Gertie! That time Gertie mounted one of our pigs sure made me laugh and a little nervous. She escaped once. The electric fence was dodgy all summer.

That time I thought I ran over Ozark with the car: On one of the Farmer’s Market days, I started loading the car with all the stuff for my bakery booth. I heard the phone ring inside, so I ran inside to answer it. It was Nathan calling to inform me that our credit card information had been stolen. Stressed that I was late, I hung up the phone, ran outside, jumped in the car, started to back up, and *N^T@HF*%ND&WB$#&^F!!!!!!!! What the heck was that?! Did I just hit Ozark? I jumped out of the car to find that I had run over all my bakery stuff! I broke everything, except somehow none of the food suffered from the blow. So I cleaned up as much as I could (cash from the cash box all over the ground!) and made it to the market with food but not much else. My table looked pretty bad that day.

Drought and Heat This was the summer when it never rained, with record high temperatures. Our house doesn’t get cool. The trick we used: go outside, play with the hose, go inside with a wet shirt, turn on the fans, and now we’re comfortable.

Trip to the beach One of the fun times from this summer was when we went to the beach with my family. But first, we had to fly there. You know that annoying kid on that plane that sits behind you, that kicks your chair, that opens and closes the tray table over and over again, and that doesn’t sleep? That kid is Saylor. He is at that age where sitting in confined spaces too long will not do! The lady sitting in front of us gave us the nastiest looks. Sorry lady; you obviously don’t have kids.

Mice Galore I don’t really want to go into detail here, but we need a cat.

Break-down on the Farm One day, things just didn’t go my way. It started with me working the garden on a blistering, hot day! Saylor and Ozark didn’t make things easy for me. Ozark kept knocking Saylor down, and he would scream and cry more than usual. Then I noticed that Gertie had gotten in the pig pen. I realized I needed to fix the electric fence, but first I needed to get Gertie back in her pasture. While fixing the fence, I needed all the animals distracted so they wouldn’t bother me. So, first, I turned the electric fence off. I gathered some grain for the pigs, Gertie, and the goats. I also had Saylor on my hip because he was fragile from being pushed around by our pup. With my arms full. I delivered all the food to the animals and began to work on the fence. The ruminants finished their food before I finished fixing the fence, so they started coming at Saylor and me. Normally, this would be fine, but I couldn’t hold or watch Saylor because I had to fix the fence. So I got more food for the ruminants. By now, the pigs were finished with their food. UGH! So there I am going back and forth, with Saylor on my hip, accomplishing nothing with the fence, just feeding the animals more than they needed. I started to leave, again, from the pasture, to get more food for the pigs. I wasn’t thinking, and I left the gate open. Then the goats escaped! By this point, I am out of breath and so frustrated! I put Saylor down to get the goats, and Ozark knocks Saylor down AGAIN! So now Saylor is screaming, and I am crying. I just sat down on the ground and sobbed. I threw myself a good, little pity party for a few minutes. Then I managed to pick Saylor and myself up, get MORE (much more this time) grain for the animals, get the goats back in the pasture, fix the fence, and breathe.

On the bright side This summer tested my patience in many ways. I wish I could say that I handled it gracefully and naturally, but that is not the case. There were many moments filled with complaints and whines. These are not my proudest moments. However,  I did manage at times to rise to the occasion and surprise myself with my strength and guts. Overall, God taught me invaluable lessons this summer. He also loved on my family and me over and over again through family and friends. I want to give shout-outs to some of those special people: Jonathan and Jacqueline Knaup, Dave and Lori Safstrom, Ben and Robin Garcia, Barry and Dixie Bechtold, Woody and Dena Oliver, Omah, Bailey, Olivia, Jessica, Juliette, Daniel, Dell, Ruth Bussey, Jenny Graham, Katie Roberts, Ron and Gail Brown, Art and Doris Porter, William Runyon, Sheila Morse, Dale and Mary Bechtold, and more and more. Thank you all for your irreplaceable friendships. And thanks to these people, our summer was filled with so many fun times that included going to the beach, hanging out at the lake, participating at the Farmer’s Market, hanging with family, playing with the water hose, playing with our pup, and more and more! Also, a batch of eggs finally hatched!

So what now? Now that Summer is over and Fall is here, I can finally breath and relax. I hope to blog more. What consumes my thoughts now is the desire for another child. I am trying to be patient about this, but it’s not easy. Bubby is becoming more and more independent. He tells me “bye, bye”, which translates to “go away; leave me alone” all day long. He is probably going to wean soon. I could blog all day long about how sweet and special he is, but I’ll spare you that post, for I am the only one who would want to read it. But seriously, he is amazing, sweet, loving, adventurous, strong, kissable, smart, funny, talented, and on and on and on. And I want another one!
Enjoy this beautiful, refreshing season. We will here at the Ozark House.

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6 Responses to Happy October from Kate

  1. Sheila says:

    I was on the edge of my seat in a few places when reading your blog and then in tears at the end. Your are an amazing young woman and I am thankful that God in His goodness allowed us to meet. Nathan and Saylor are blessed to have you at their sides. Happy Fall…ya’ll!

  2. Winston says:


    Thanks for the great update, LOL. Sounds like you are getting some great doses of the “joys” of being a lone farmer.

    I don’t doubt Ozark is best buds with Bubby. How old is Ozark now? He’s beautiful! Tutor Mocon, my ES, is heading for his 6th birthday party soon and is best buds with every kid in the neighborhood. He also enjoys greeting every person he finds on our walks. And no matter how sweet a pup he is to everyone, let me say I will almost feel bad for the poor fool that ever bothered my wife in his presence. He is very, and I mean VERY protective of her.

    Yes, fall is most enjoyable here too. Our summers are nothing short of incendiary, then merely hot and finally pleasant if we wait long enough.

    Tell Nathan that those degrees are offered up ONLY for those with enough stamina. That is what I concluded when I finally crawled away at the end of my graduate studies, LOL. Later, when working, I found another person had hung his PhD certificate over his toilet. When I mentioned it, he said simply, “best place for it, it was that useful.” And him a university professor at that.

    I don’t comment often, but I am usually in the background for news from you folks. Be well.


    • Winston:
      It’s great to hear from you again! Thanks for sticking with us…
      Ozark will be 1 year old in November, and we agree that he is quite a beautiful pup. He drives us crazy with his puppy-ness sometimes, but we absolutely love him.
      We enjoy hearing from you. Keep in touch…

  3. Katherine Shane says:

    Just wanted to say I know how you feel about Saylor…I feel the same way about Luke…and I want to just tell everyone how wonderful and cuddly and amazing he is…but I too feel that no one else would want to hear that…

    It sounds like you had a fun adventurous summer and I’m sure there will be many more of those living on a farm…

    just so you know I love reading yall’s blog and look forward to the next one!!

  4. Winston says:


    Your comments about Ozark killing chickens is an issue you need to deal with. The following is commentary from the Yahoo AFWA dog board:

    Egg eating or chicken eating is a matter of who is the Boss at your house. Those are YOUR eggs and the dog is helping himself because he thinks he’s the Boss and you aren’t. You must convince him that you are now.

    Now that he knows eggs are tasty, it’s going to be harder to make him stop, but it’s possible. You need to institute a new program: NILIF. Nothing In LIfe Is Free. He must now earn the right to go through a door (and you go first), the right to eat his dinner (after you have eaten and only when you give him permission to eat), etc. Never again is he to walk in front of you.
    Hold an egg, pet it, coo to it, and correct him if he lunges or gives the egg the predator stare.

    He’s only 9 months old; not reliable by himself yet, so he’s had too much freedom. He needs to be on a leash outside at all times and have no more access to tasty eggs or anything else you don’t want him to kill. His leash needs to be tied to a beltloop while the owner does farm chores, and the dog is to be convinced all the edible things are hers, not his. He needs instant correction until he gets it.

    Now that he’s been eating, it will be harder to retrain him, but it can be done. The owner needs to start today. She can do it!


    Kate there are folks there that can help. Join the group at AFWA@yahoogroups.com


  5. Anna says:

    Loved reading about all of your adventures this summer!! Although, I know you were lonely at times without Nathan, I also know you grew in many amazing ways. How I wish I was a fly on the wall when you tied a dead hen to your dogs collar!! Dena helped you with this???
    Now, Omah and Lucie are enjoying your world with you. I am so happy they have this time with you and your precious family. I admit I’m jealous, I would have loved to be there. Oh well, at least they can come back and tell me all about it.
    I love you so much!

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