My Latest Fascinations- Hypnobirth and Placenta Encapsulation

Can we just acknowledge how grown-up these two look?

I recently read this blog post about hypnobirth.

During this season of life, I am desperately wanting to get pregnant again, so I’ve been spending my internet time researching pregnancy, birth, and baby stuff again. I came across this post about hypnobirth, and I want to know more. I remember hearing that word alot when I was pregnant with Saylor, but I never looked into it until now. I always assumed it was some weird hippie practice. I’m not sure why that would turn me off because I do dabble in some quirky stuff on occasion. For example, I do plan on eating my placenta (in capsule form) after the next birth, and that definitely seems like some weird hippie practice. After reading about hypnobirth a little bit, I am very intrigued. Testimonials include phrases like “painless birth” and “naturally produced anathesia”. Really? Painless birth? Hmmmm. Giving birth to Saylor was nowhere close to painless. Likewise, little Jenkins made his birth extra painful for Adrienne, being sunny-side-up and all. So is a birth where the only complaint is “a little discomfort or pressure” really possible? There are still some websites I want to look at and videos I want to watch about the whole deal. Has anybody reading this done a hypnobirth? Is my midwife, Kelly, reading this? What do you think about it? One aspect of this method of birthing that interests me is that it doesn’t stop once the baby is born. The mother continues using hypnobirthing techniques in her postpartum period to help her with the “baby blues”. I really suffered from feeling “down”, which lasted even after Saylor was 6 months old. That’s also why I want to consume my placenta next time. Here is more information about that: Placenta Benefits, A Testimonial, and here’s a hilarious article on Time Magazine’s website written by a disgusted husband whose wife wanted to consume her placenta.

I’ll report back about my findings on hypnobirth.

Latest news from The Ozark House: We have ourselves a kitten. She is precious, and her name is Teacup. I love her, and I don’t usually like cats. She is very special, though. And of course Saylor is enjoying her immensely.

Getting to know each other

She’s a cuddly little thing.

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7 Responses to My Latest Fascinations- Hypnobirth and Placenta Encapsulation

  1. Sarah says:

    I read that post too. I’ve tried a bit to do some pain management when I have a headache with kind of ‘meditating’ and visualizing the pain melting away like Ina May urges, and it has often worked. So I’ve been interested in trying hypnobirthing too when the time comes, it makes a lot of sense to me and I would love to have it as a tool for life.

  2. Dena OLiver says:

    That sweet boy!!! I love him!!!!

  3. Sheila says:

    Those two cuties are full of adventure and mischief! I enjoy seeing them together. What does Ozark think of Saylors new friend ,Teacup? I love her name!

    • He actually hasn’t met her yet. He stays outside, and we’ve been spoiling the newbie by letting her stay inside with us. We hope they become good friends, but you never know. By the way, we looked for you at Baker’s Creek on Sunday. We were disappointed we didn’t cross paths. Maybe we should plan a night to play Settler’s of Catan in November! We miss you.

  4. JuJu says:

    How are you going to get your placenta in capsule form??? I’m very interested in this and want to know all the detes! Call me!

  5. Jess says:

    I’m a little in love with the top picture. How precious can one child get?!

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