The deer can’t see me

The season begins one week from today.

Well, allow me to clarify. As of this morning, snot-nosed 6-year-olds who can barely shoulder a rifle are filling the Missouri forests, bringing down all the big bucks I’ll never see.

I kid. But seriously, youth season did start today, and I did hear a shot ringing through the woods. Hopefully he/she got himself/herself a nice little spike. 🙂

I think youth hunting season is a great thing, and I can’t wait until I can take Saylor out into the woods and let him take aim at winter’s venison. I guess he won’t be able to shoot my Ruger 7mm Mag. Well, he could, but it’d put him on his back. Maybe I’ll look for a .223 or something. Any suggestions for a kid’s rifle someday? I still have a few years…

Last night, Kate and I attended the Lake West Christian Academy “Eagle Vision” fundraising dinner. It was a very nice time, with some great entertainment. It seems as though that school is doing a lot of good for kids and families in the community. But I’ll admit, the highlight of the evening for me was the RAFFLE!

Do you ever feel like there are some people who just ALWAYS win stuff? You know, like random drawings, and Bingo, and randomly finding large sums of money? I’m not one of those. I found $20 on the ground one time. I was thrilled. Then Taylor told me it was his. I should never have believed him…

Anyways, I never win raffles.

But last night, the Nate&Kate duo CLEANED HOUSE! I won a certificate for a dozen donuts at Daylight Donuts. And Kate won THIS!

I must admit, I think I’ll be enjoying that one a little more than she will. I’ll do something nice for her in return.

In addition, my awesome siblings got me an early Christmas present.

So I don’t blend in with a nicely manicured lawn very well. But I won’t be hunting on a nicely manicured lawn.

So natural

The conclusion of this influx of gear will indubitably be my bagging multiple deer this season. It must be. I’ll do my best…

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5 Responses to The deer can’t see me

  1. Mark Bales says:


  2. Winston says:

    What is that green “log” with hands, LOL.

    Starting a kid out with a big bang might be easier with pistol cartridge rifles. I’ve brought home the venison with the Marlin 1894 in .44 Mag. Big bang in a pistol, but pretty easy shooter in the rifle. Sure big enough for the job. (Also available in .357 Mag.)

    Especially hidden in plain sight as a “lump of grass.” Way cool!

  3. Captain says:

    You look like an emaciated Sasquatch. Might scare the deer.

  4. friendmouse says:

    Who said that?

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