Kaiser Ozark the Mouser

I’m so proud of my pup.

He’s really the best pup. Oh, I know he has some excitability issues; we’re working on that. And he does occasionally pull clothes off the line; we’re working on that. And every once in a while, he wanders a little too far from home; we’re working on that, too.

But really, he’s the best pup. He loves our family and our farm.

This is Ozark with his doghouse (before it was painted), and me, and Dad, who helped me build it. Ozark was a much younger pup here.

I registered him recently; his official name is Kaiser Ozark. I had to add the “Kaiser” part, because the registration requires two names. Kaiser is the municipality in which we live; it also means “king” or “emperor” in German, and my regal pup is worthy of such a title. Of course, I don’t want him getting the wrong idea. I’m the king of this farm, and he knows who the pack leader is. Anyways, I don’t think he speaks German.

He’s taken to digging, which I’m not a big fan of, but which means a couple of things:

Thing 1: I think he’s hunting for rodents, which is good.

Thing 2: It’s a natural nail-trimming process. I check his nails, and they really never need to be trimmed – they stay rounded and short. Perfect.

But regarding Thing 1, I’m not sure he’s had much success. Oh, he has the taste for rodent blood, but I’m not sure he’s really getting any. So we like to help him out.

There’s this piece of metal in the back yard that mice consistently build nests underneath. Occasionally, I get Ozark all worked up (“Hey pup, wanna get the mouse?”), and he… well… you can see for yourself.

It is because of this intense focus and ability that I have decided to extend my pup’s title. He is now Kaiser Ozark the Mouser.

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2 Responses to Kaiser Ozark the Mouser

  1. Winston says:

    Good pupper!!!

  2. Sheila says:

    Sailors expressions were priceless! I wish I could of heard him talk out his thoughts!

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