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NRA’s news conference on Connecticut shootings: some thoughts

NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre spoke this morning about the greatness of America and her citizens. He said quite a few things; one of them in particular resonated with me. He mentioned the Sandy Hook Principal, Dawn Hochsprung, who was … Continue reading

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Natural manure

My favorite founding father, T.J. A letter he wrote, from France, to William Stephens Smith. Quotation found on this website. (emphasis mine) I do not know whether it is to yourself or Mr. Adams I am to give my thanks … Continue reading

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The other “f”-word

Anyways, it’s not that I actually want to run other people’s lives, but I so desperately want to tell them what I think they’re doing wrong. It’s probably because I’m a classic problem-solver. I know some people who are okay … Continue reading

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Growing fodder for the homestead

Feed cost is the biggest ongoing expense for a farmer. So any time he/she can reduce feed costs, even by a little, he/she will do so, if he/she is smart. I’ve been researching ways to cut our feed costs, and … Continue reading

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Monsanto Update

My favorite seed provider – Baker Creek Seed Company – provided the following article on its website. It details a pre-emptive lawsuit against Monsanto regarding some of the issues I mentioned in my previous post. It is to the advantage … Continue reading

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It’s time to say it: Monsanto is doing evil

Evil is such a taboo word. I think it’s too harsh for our gutless society. I don’t mean we don’t like guts; we adore them, especially when they’re all over the camera lens in our favorite zombie movie. But we … Continue reading

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