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Lance, Manti, and memes

I love memes. You know, those ridiculous photos with some funny tagline on them that randomly become viral and sweep their way through the internet via email and Facebook. But memes aren’t just photos. The word comes from the Greek … Continue reading

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Sealing a pond with pigs

Our American Mulefoot hogs are tramping their way through our pasture, paddock by paddock… tilling the soil, uprooting rocks and stumps, and sealing our pond! We have what was once a pond. My older cousins tell me they remember ice … Continue reading

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Newly discovered risks in the use of Antibiotics

A recent study has been gaining the spotlight of those in traditional and alternative medical communities; it reveals antibiotic use to be potentially more harmful than previously thought. The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control a few years ago studied … Continue reading

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Blaming the stupid for losing

I have a few things to say about this meme that has emerged within conservative circles, in which the “low-information voter” is given pretty much all the blame (or the lion’s share of it) for Obama’s victory and Romney’s defeat. … Continue reading

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Why the 2nd Amendment? A profound articulation of why the proponents of liberty want to preserve gun rights, and why those who would be tyrants want to eliminate them.

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