Blaming the stupid for losing

I have a few things to say about this meme that has emerged within conservative circles, in which the “low-information voter” is given pretty much all the blame (or the lion’s share of it) for Obama’s victory and Romney’s defeat.

I reject this analysis wholeheartedly.

I think Romney and Ryan were and are both flakes. They’re wishy-washy, lying, schmoozing, pathetic politicians. And that’s why I didn’t vote for them!
Maybe the current conservative meme is only half of the story. Maybe Obama won because free-stuff-loving, low-information voters voted for him. And maybe Romney lost because many people who care about conservatism, the Constitution, and sensibility DIDN’T vote for him.
They didn’t vote for anybody.
They felt betrayed, cheated, lied to. They were right.
They felt like there was realistically very little difference between Romney and Obama. They were right. (What’s the difference between driving over a cliff at 90 miles per hour and 45 miles per hour? You scream a little longer before it’s all over.)
They felt like there was no longer a perceptible difference between Republicans and Democrats. In voting for the pork-filled “Superstorm Sandy Aid” bill and the so-called “Fiscal cliff bargain,” the Republicans proved them correct just days ago.
I know many people voted for Romney more as a “No-vote” against Obama than as a “Yes-vote” for Romney. I’m not talking about those people primarily. I’m talking about those people that are polluting and diluting the Republican party by using words like “electable” and “moderate” and all the other b.s. language that ripped up Ron Paul supporters and pushed that spineless schmoozer Romney to the top.
I’m sick of Republicans blaming the “low information voter” for Obama’s victory.
I’m sick of their sniveling, crotchety, complaining.
I’m sick of their self-righteous pontificating while they remain wholly blind to the inconsistency of their so-called conservatism (“Cut spending! Except in the military! And don’t touch my Medicare and Social Security!” … “We need less government! But we want to define marriage with a Constitutional Amendment!” And so on…)
Go ahead Republicans, keep bellowing, keep making yourselves feel better for losing by pointing at somebody else. Keep forgetting that there’s a growing group of citizens who want sound finances and social liberties. Keep ignoring the vigor, the tireless work, the eternal optimism, the youth and promise of the massive crowds of Ron Paul supporters. (By the way, those people neither LOOK like, nor do they LIKE Mitt Romney. Get a clue.)

And when you’re ready to try liberty and the Constitution on for size, I’ll be here with a few of my friends, waiting to vote for a candidate I can trust.

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One Response to Blaming the stupid for losing

  1. friendmouse says:

    Ron Paul should run for President. Oh, wait…
    He got my vote (in the Primaries).
    The problem is…we have a problem, and those who know about it and have the ability to fix it don’t care to fix it. But most don’t realize we have a problem. Or, perhaps they don’t see it as a problem which will affect them. At least not today. That IS a problem!
    And so it goes…

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