Ozark Winter Wonderland

Well, we finally got some snow here at The Ozark House! It’s not been a terribly dry winter, but almost all of the precipitation has come in the form of rain or sleet.

But this morning, we woke up to a blanket of fluffy, though somewhat heavy, snow.

The temperature is above freezing, so I don’t imagine the terrain will stay beautiful for long, as the snow clumps slowly melt, slipping off the tree branches and fence posts. Even as I snapped some of these photos, I was submitted to the occasional barrage of soft snow mounds, plummeting from the limbs above.

Here’s a little glimpse of our snowfall…

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6 Responses to Ozark Winter Wonderland

  1. Winston says:

    Early in the fall we got rain like God wanted to drown us. Then it quit. Only pitiful occasional showers all of January and February so our great beginning has turned into another year of likely short water. We pray to see rain in March and April. After that no meaningful rain until November.

    What a treat to see your images. Interestingly, Mocon is also a lover of the snow, though we have since moved and no longer see more than a rare dusting. As for rain, he will look out the door and decide. Mostly the decision is “I can wait.” English Shepherds are such a treat.

    Glad to see all is well for you and yours. Stay well.


    • Sad to hear you moved! I remember the photos you sent – quite the beautiful place. Hopefully the new home is treating you just as well.
      I glanced outside and Ozark was just lounging on a big pile of snow. We’ve been letting him inside some lately, but not today – he’s wet and dirty! But he doesn’t seem at all interested in going under the carport where it’s dry…

      • friendmouse says:

        I swear that dog is brain-damaged.
        Appears the wind/snow was from the north.
        I hope you’re mostly thawed and melted by now.
        Another few weeks and Spring will begin showing, with the crocuses (sp?), wisteria, red bud, etc. bursting forth. The winters are too tough up there for me.

      • Far from thawed. It’s still snowing!
        The snow really took a toll on the electric fence. Downed lines all over the place. I have some work to do once I can get around out there…
        Definitely ready to see some blooms! There will, of course, be more pictures for those!

  2. Winston says:

    Well, as you might expect, with the rain drying up spring sprung in February this year. I watched as the early stuff tentatively broke bud and as it only got warmer the great rush has begun. Even the grass is trying hard to get out of control. I still HOPE for more rain, but…we’ll see.

    I had little choice but to move since the place was located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle I got Sioux-rounded by growers of whacky tobaccy and the incursions on my property got to be too much to deal with short of armed insurrection. So, sold out and relocated in a hotter area. My bride is very happy with the new property and absolutely loves the house. I find the view and the quietness to be relaxing and most pleasant. We also ended up with outstanding neighbors.

    Hear you about fences as they are big on my to do list. Currently all wired for cows, but I am a sheep and pig man, soooooo, much to do.


    • Well, after the better part of two hours, I’ve freed the electric fencing from the nasty mess of ice and snow packed on the ground. I must say, if you’re looking for a winter workout, just go trudge through some heavy snow for two hours! Sheesh…
      I of course discovered plenty of deficiencies in my already-mediocre fence while I was out there. So there’s some more fun…
      I’d love to see some pictures of your new place. Good luck!

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