A few more BIG FAT questions

This one will be briefer than the last, but I thought I’d address a few of the comments, contentions, and conversations that have been produced by my previous blog.

First, let me say I/we welcome all comments and discussion, as we are quite sure we still have more to learn, and are eager to hear from the knowledge and experience of other people.

Here are a few ideas worth tacking on to the last post…

1) Eating plants is a really good thing.

I advocated very strongly for animal-based saturated fats – and I still do – but the point was not that a person’s diet should consist of 95% fat and 5% other stuff. Instead, I think the best choice a person can make is to avoid chemically processed fats derived from vegetables & soy, and shift to saturated and unsaturated fats derived from animal sources, as well as coconut oil and olive oil.

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts should play a major role in any diet. They’re hugely important. Buying organic is always a good option, but if you can’t buy organic everything (we can’t!), look into some reasons for getting some foods organic and other foods non-organic. At the end of the day, if you simply have no access to organic or pesticide-free produce (and you can’t grow your own!), I think the benefits of eating non-organic fruits and vegetables (wash them well!) outweigh the potential detriments of not eating any produce simply so you can avoid the pesticides.

Side note: try eating seasonally! It’s better for the local food system, and it can add some beautiful rhythmic variety into your diet. On the other hand, bananas are never in season in Missouri, so we happily use the imported varieties.

2) All the evidence will… well… there will never be “all the evidence”

There are so many scientific studies supposedly “proving” so many different things. And there are so many real-life stories that seemingly prove opposite things. We’ve heard of people who SWEAR that drinking raw milk helped restore and re-mineralize their children’s teeth. We know people who advocate for raw veganism, and could talk all day about the benefits they’ve seen. And we know folks from so many other perspectives.

So what we’ve decided is based on what seems the simplest solution that makes the most sense to us based on our forever-limited understanding of human history, anatomy, technology, and so on.

We are not beyond believing that some food solutions work better for some folks than for others.

But we will firmly hold that artificially-manufactured, chemically-processed foods are always inferior to foods eaten as they’re found in nature. We love a good, grass-fed beef burger. Or even better: venison! But other people prefer a portabella-mushroom burger (where the mushroom subs in for the meat… they’re actually pretty nice). That’s cool. Both of those beat the heck out of a meal full of additives, preservatives, dyes, and who-knows-what-else.

3) Activity is crucial!

A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

A body at rest grows unhealthy, unhappy, and unproductive. A body in motion preserves its health (though old age will, of course, someday put us all to sleep), tends toward happiness, and accomplishes so much more.

So we are definitely advocates of exercise!

4) Farmers Markets are the BEST!

Of course, we could be biased, since we help run one.

But seriously… buy whatever you can at your local farmers market from farmers who farm sustainably!


So much more could obviously be said. We’ll probably say some of it as time goes on. Hopefully we can talk to you about it face-to-face. Over a glass of wine, perhaps.

Or a grass-fed burger.

Or a salad. 🙂

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2 Responses to A few more BIG FAT questions

  1. momnoa says:

    Great post! I really appreciate the way you are giving both sides of the issue. Food is a hot button topic and you have it the nail right on the head. Thank you for sharing. We are almost completely “off” of processed foods. We are especially eating much more whole foods and much more raw food than we ever did, to include raw milk. I even have begun making cheese, butter and yogurt from our raw milk. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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