How to butcher a pig

Recently we killed one of our American Mulefoot hogs.

He was about 2 years old, and weighed, on hoof, probably about 350 lbs.

I enlisted the help of a friend, Mark Bales, as well as Mark’s time-tempered neighbor, Bud. Bud used to work at a meat processing operation as a meat cutter. So he guided us with his words, and we made the cuts.

This video isn’t perfect, and regrettably, the camera died (and I didn’t know it) before we were done. But a lot of the cuts are displayed here, and if nothing else, it’s proof that a total amateur can butcher a pig without totally ruining it.

I love homesteading, because we know so much about this pig. We fed it from the time it was a piglet. We chased it back into the pen when it managed to escape. It tilled up our garden. And now it will grace our table.

We took around 200 pounds of meat from this pig, including 20 pounds of bacon!

Raising him and butchering him was an amazing experience — one that makes us glad of life on the farm. We’ve already been enjoying home-ground breakfast sausage and some pork steaks!

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