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Poisonous flowers and edible mushrooms

Last year, it basically didn’t rain in the central Missouri Ozarks after about March. So we had a brief spell of green, and then things were brown, for a very long time. But this year, things are different. We’re saturated. … Continue reading

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Can death disprove God?

Of course, when people die, atheists come out in droves, imagining they’ll score a quick point for their team by protesting that such “senseless” death—especially the death of children—necessarily proves God doesn’t exist. (Just as predictably, by the way, politicians … Continue reading

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An open letter: Responding to ‘Right to Farm’

Originally posted on Osage Beach Farmers Market:
Recently, one of our Market Managers, Nathan Bechtold, wrote an article for that addressed the dangerous nature of a bill that is making its way through the Missouri legislature. It has been…

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