An open letter: Responding to ‘Right to Farm’

Osage Beach Farmers Market

Missouri Capitol

Recently, one of our Market Managers, Nathan Bechtold, wrote an article for that addressed the dangerous nature of a bill that is making its way through the Missouri legislature. It has been deceptively called the “Right to Farm” bill, but in reality it is far from that.

Today, the sponsor of that bill, House Speaker Pro Tem Jason Smith, sent out a newsletter announcing that bill will likely pass this week.

You can view the text of that newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Here is Nathan’s open letter to Rep. Smith in response to the newsletter:

Dear Jason,

I must respectfully disagree with your language about the “Right-to-Farm” bill.
You said, “burdensome mandates that will prevent farmers from raising their animals just as their parents and grandparents taught them.”
Not only is that disingenuous, it’s patently false. You and I both know that our grandparents and great-grandparents’…

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