The Baby Goats Are Here!!!

Where to begin…
If you’ve followed this blog much, you know we bought two female goats in the fall of 2011, under the pretext of their being pregnant. After they escaped, spent a long time wandering through our woods, and we were able to contain them, we waited… and waited… and there were no kids.


Well, we finally found some folks who loaned us a male goat to breed our two ladies early this year.

We weren’t sure if it “worked” or not—I think we have clung to a certain cynicism after several troubling goat experiences.

But on July 3, Kate walked outside and lo and behold: Wendy had two baby goats!


Wendy - mama Liberty - black female Ron Paul - tan male

Wendy – mama
Liberty – black female
Ron Paul – tan male

Sweet Wendy gave birth to a boy and a girl. The girl was much smaller, but both seem very health and they’re SO CUTE!

Because they were born the day before July the 4th, we decided to give them names that evoke reminders of the liberty upon which our nation was founded. So the girl’s name is Liberty. And the boy’s name is Ron Paul (yes, we’re aware that’s slightly ridiculous—that’s part of why we did it)!

Liberty and Ron Paul are getting along just fine and they’re growing as the days go by!


On Sunday, July 7, while none of us were home, Joanie ALSO gave birth!

We don’t yet have photos of her kid, and Joanie’s been pretty protective, so we’re actually not POSITIVE as to the sex of the kid, but Kate says she thinks it’s a girl.

If that’s true, then her name will be Rosemary—after the sweet dog that belongs to our good friends Jacque and Jonathan, who have been models of God’s loving provision for us over the last couple of years (and who requested that their pup have a goat namesake!). It’s a beautiful name, we think.

Here’s a video of Joanie and Rosemary, as well as our other animals, taken by Uncle Dale, who, along with several of my cousins, was the first to see little baby Rosemary:

Our tentative plans are to keep at least one of the girls, and offer the other to our friends who loaned us the buck who bred our ladies. We’ll likely take Ron Paul (and maybe another of the girls) to the Jacob’s Cave Swap Meet this fall, along with a few of our ducks (see video below), and maybe a few chickens, and see if we can swap for something cool and useful!

Here’s a gallery of baby goat and other farm animal photos:

For future breedings, we recently bought our own buckling (seen in the above video). His name is Fella. He’s a bit mischievous, but he’s very sweet and we think he’ll be a great father to future kids! 🙂

Oh, and one more technical note: our goats are ALL nubian/alpine cross. That means they’ll be relatively large-bodied, but will produce up to 1 gallon of milk per day! We won’t start milking for a little while yet, once the babies are transitioning to grass/forage.


Stay tuned… we expect the birth of Gertie’s calf any day now!!!

Exciting, life-filled days on the farm.

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3 Responses to The Baby Goats Are Here!!!

  1. Sheila says:

    AWWW! They are precious, but seeing Saylor with the animals is even more precious.

  2. Liz says:

    Will you cook any of the ducks? We did about a month ago, and it was so great! Harder for Bo to clean than a chicken, but worth it. Be sure to keep the duck fat, a little adds so much flavor to other dishes!

    • Oh yes, we plan to have some duck during the holidays! Approximately half of them are males, and we only need one… so we’ll probably butcher 6 or so.
      We keep ALL animal fat we can get our hands on! Nothing but the best…

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