The baby calf is here!!!

It is indeed a time of new life on the farm. Sometime during the night, our sweet Gertie had her first-ever calf.

Born July 17, 2013 to Midnight Gertrude (Gertie)

Born July 17, 2013 to Midnight Gertrude (Gertie)

This beautiful little baby calf has been long-awaited on our farm! We bought Gertrude as a four-month old calf, knowing it would be nearly two years before we could breed her, and then another nine months before she calved. But the wait has finally paid off.

We’ll begin milking Gertie in a few weeks, once the colostrum is all gone and we’ve finished setting up a milking stall.

We’ll be using a once-a-day milking method, described extensively at this blog:

Life is good on the farm! Thank you Lord for a smooth, flawless calving experience, for new life, for gallons and gallons of fresh milk, and for all of this summer’s amazing bounty!


The calf is a boy (bull).


The calf is a girl (heifer)!

Haha… no comment on how we got that one wrong. 🙂

And here’s another picture!

bull calf

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5 Responses to The baby calf is here!!!

  1. Lanita Noa says:

    Congratulations!! What a great asset to add to your farm.

  2. Sheila says:

    Your new baby is beautiful!

  3. erikamay85 says:

    Once a day milking for the win! I tried a few days of twice a day milking when ment the lambs were separated most of the day (I gave them a few hours with mom) and the milk production wasn’t worth it! I got a 30% increase in milk for all the stress for the animals. screw that. I have fat happy, healthy lambs and all the milk i need…just not an excess.

    • Great to hear a positive testimonial about it!
      It seems like the twice-a-day thing was such an ingrained paradigm for so long, it surprises people that it can be done any other way.

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