What is an egg?

Osage Beach Farmers Market


Senate Bill 329 — Which came first, the politician or the egg?
Most people can tell just by looking, but the Missouri legislature this year held a slew of debates, hearings, and votes in its attempt to decide exactly what an egg is. They finally settled on a definition they could live with. But it will just spell more intrusion and regulation for farmers and farms large and small.
The legal definition of an egg formerly only included that which came out of the bottom of a chicken. Now, after Governor Nixon’s signature on Senate Bill 329, “Eggs” refers to “The shell eggs of a domesticated chicken, turkey, duck, goose, or guinea that are intended for human consumption.”
Apparently no one told the government the definition of the word is not allowed to contain the word itself. (e.g “What are eggs?” “Well, they’re eggs!”)
According to the Missouri Department of…

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