The Fig Tree

“May you never bear fruit again,” He said to the fig tree.
Most missed that comment, or heard it only as the frustrated outburst of a hungry man.
Amid the day’s excitement—the cracking of the whip and the clinking of a thousand coins on the stone temple floor—all forgot the exchange with the tree.
Along the road the next morning, the sight of a withered canopy jutting from the rocky earth awakened their memories.
“Lord, the tree you cursed… it’s dead!”
Word quickly spread, and a team of Jerusalem’s best scientists soon descended on the scene, roping off a perimeter and quarantining the area. An inspection point was erected, and no biological items were permitted to cross in either direction.
By Friday morning, preliminary results had returned from the lab in Caesarea.
“It was an invasive insect,” the team announced to a clearly-relieved crowd (composed entirely of reporters). “No miracle occurred here. We have determined the tree died of natural causes.”
The scientists, in coalition with local governing authorities, began drafting new standards for the care of fig trees and the import and export of figs. Botanists in Jerusalem immediately began work on a genetic variety of fig tree that might be resistant to such a pestilence.
All grew suddenly quiet as the sun set, signaling the commencement of Sabbath and the Passover.
But, only hours after sunrise on Sunday morning, a press conference was held on the steps of the Jerusalem temple (though still somewhat in disarray from Friday’s earthquake, which had baffled geologists, having no indication that such a seismic disruption had been imminent).
“It’s a miracle!” the scientists cried. “We’re saved!” A new breed of fig tree was already conceived, laced with toxins in its bark that would kill the newfound, invasive pest.
Meanwhile, there was a stir in Jerusalem…

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5 Responses to The Fig Tree

  1. kolee08 says:

    Hi there!i just”stumbled”across ur sweet blog,I’m in nw ark on a little 10acre homestead with my 4boys,I’d love to get to know u guys better!! Blessings and talk to u soon! Kolee

    • Thanks for commenting! It’s been a little while since we blogged — the farmstead is moving slowly these days, as life in 2014 was pretty unbelievably crazy. Stay in touch!

  2. De Vos says:

    Just found this little gem. Loved it!

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