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Dead Raccoons & Fresh Baby Chicks

We’ve had a pretty good turn here on the farm, with the right kinds of life and death. Among the dead ones is a raccoon, which I am quite confident was decimating our corn patch/garden. The night we caught him, … Continue reading

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Thieving, Dirty, Rotten ‘Coons

I make no bones about my feelings for those filthy bandits. As I’ve been teaching my four-year-old, “The only good ‘coon, is a dead ‘coon!” My ire is fresh because of what happened last night… Saylor has a little “garden” … Continue reading

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Summer Mushroom Hunting In The Ozarks

The two-months-long deluge we’ve been experiencing here has been unfriendly to Missourians’ gardens. The tomatoes are blighted, the soil is soggy, and everybody has an easy culprit for this year’s gardening woes. But while the rain has ruined gardens, it’s … Continue reading

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