About Us

The Ozark House is a little homestead farm in the heart of Missouri, just at the edge of the Ozark Mountains.

The farm began when four friends (two married couples) decided they would abandon traditional American urbanity and suburbia, and move into a house together – sharing food, phone, work, and life. Inspired by Acts 4:32, they made the move in mid-2010 and lived together for seventeen months. All the blog posts up until mid-January 2012 are reflections on that endeavor.

Life brought new things – new babies (one per couple) and new jobs, and the time came for the friends to physically (but certainly not spiritually) part ways.

Now, it’s just the three of us – Nathan, Kate, and Saylor Jack – living the farm dream.

We rent (and plan to soon purchase) 46 acres and an old farm house (Nathan’s late grandfather’s home that had sat empty for a few years) from Nathan’s dad and uncles, and we have spent many, many hours loving this place – rehabilitating ailing structures, freshening up the house, and filling the property with life. Some of this life crows, others lay eggs, moo, bleat, bark, oink and root. We have a large garden, and are always dreaming of new projects to make our lives more old-fashioned and more self-sufficient.

Among our inspirations: Wendell Berry, Joel Salatin, Ron Paul, Thomas Jefferson, the Mennonite people around us, our families and parents, Ina May Gaskin, and our dear friends scattered around the country who have taught us so much about love. (For more inspirers, see our blogroll.)

We are not “off-the-grid,” nor do we intend to be in the forseeable future. But we cherish our life here… we make our choices about what to live with and what to live without, just like everyone does.

Some of our choices: Kate birthed Saylor at home. We bake our own bread, make our own tortillas, craft all our own sauces and soups. We eat venison instead of beef (when the hunting season is productive!), we raise our own chickens for meat, we raise our own pigs for pork, and we buy wheat in bulk to grind into flour. We drink RAW MILK!

We have many dreams – everything from homeschooling our children to planting a vineyard to plowing small plots for grain with oxen or mules. We’re not Mennonite, but we identify with some of their principles, and admire their community, their self-sufficiency, and their faith.

After living in community, and now being in a more “traditional” household, we have learned most importantly that GOD IS OUR SUPPLIER. It seems that more often than not, we aren’t sure how we’ll pay the next month’s bills – yet God continues to provide for our needs. Our journey is surely one of faith, and we invite you to embark on – or continue on – your own faith journey towards Christ.

See ya on the trail!