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The Pasture

When we first arrived at this farm, we began dreaming of restoring the pasture to its former glory. Since it had not been used in many years, it had become completely overgrown with trees, and the fencing was in shambles. … Continue reading

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Fragments – A Tribute

Many, to one, to many – and so it goes. Fragments – an empty wall, gaps in furnishings. Bills less confusing (more expensive), under only one name. Ownership – no more need to share. No longer compelled to “let it … Continue reading

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Week and Weeks

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness. In the words of Inigo Montoya, “There is too much. Let me sum up.” We got Saylor a horse. Well, actually my momma gave it to him. I, Nathan, am … Continue reading

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Mushroom hunting: puff balls

I pwned Nathan at disc golf the other, and his only consolation was that as we traversed the course, we found several puff ball mushroom which we knew to be edible from our research of morel mushroom hunting in the … Continue reading

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Reflections On A Year

We’ve been here together for over a year now, and as Kate and I strolled with Saylor around the outlet mall today, we mused over what amazing things have occurred in the past year. A year ago, we could never … Continue reading

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The Goat Saga…continued

Little Wendy is getting along just fine. Her temporary pen is sufficient space, and has kept her contained while we become good friends. She likes me quite a bit much now. !twist! Yesterday, Taylor ran inside, breathless, informing me that … Continue reading

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I lost my goat…

I got her home. She was very pretty. She was still milking a quart a day. And so on. I put her in the electric-fenced pen I had set up (she’d been on electric fence previously, so I figured she … Continue reading

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How my life has changed since being a mom

Man, oh man. Where do I begin? Let’s start from the very beginning-the moment my baby boy came into the world and cried for the first time. Although laboring with him wasn’t brutal or impossible, it definitely proved to be … Continue reading

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What We Do: a montage of our days these days

In one of my favorite movies – A Beautiful Mind – Alicia Nash is tending the kitchen while her medicated husband sits at a table staring blankly at nothing. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” she asks. “What do people do?” he replies. … Continue reading

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Writing A Fairytale Adventure (part 4)

Chapter 1; Part 1   Chapter 1; Part 2 Chapter 2; Part 1 The above links will take you to read my other posts.  Enjoy the second half of Chapter 2. Its about to get really good. The Bramblewood Tales Chapter … Continue reading

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