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Psychotic Chickens And A Late-Term Cow

Chickens devastating the fall garden and why hasn’t this cow dropped a calf? Continue reading

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Innovations Indoors And Out

No, I did not forget about this blog. How could I? I love words. The search for the perfect moment, the rhythmic syllable punctuating a painstakingly crafted movement… the playful alliteration, carefully coy, like a laughing daffodil dancing in an … Continue reading

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Farm symbiosis

Joel Salatin’s farm is called Polyface Farm. The reason for the name is that his farm embraces the old, homestead-style model of raising many different animals on one farm and taking advantage of the beneficial relationships they offer one another. … Continue reading

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Baby Chicks!

New life has emerged on the farm! Yesterday, our hens’ hard work (and surely sore bottoms) finally paid off, and we are happy to report that the chicks are hatching! If I remember correctly, we placed at least six eggs … Continue reading

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Stovaries — a poultry poem

The year’s longest day, And the chickens won’t lay. Oh, Biddies! — Has my wild shepherd pup Plugged your ovaries up? Are you hiding your jewels Like prudence from fools? Are you molting? Revolting? May I offer some jolting: I’M … Continue reading

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Two Dozen Biddies

Yesterday was chicken killing day. We started at 11AM. We finished at 7PM. I say “we” – Kate helped for about half the time, but also had to tend Saylor and then go help at the church for a while. … Continue reading

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Chicken Recovery

I know so many of our blog-readers have been in emotional shambles ever since two posts ago, when I reported that we were missing an Easter Egger. To those readers, I offer my sincerest (though not really all that sincere) … Continue reading

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Some thoughts (sprinkled with theology and home-grown photos). I. Food: The Foundation of All Economics These are the things I will argue: A) Food is the foundation of human society. B) A vibrant economy in any people group comes only … Continue reading

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Difficult Days: Laments and Lessons On the Farm

The difference between dreams and reality is…well…reality. One often imagines things will work out a certain way, imagines all the fine details about how such things will work out, invents grand plans based on the success of such imaginings. Then, … Continue reading

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Easter Egger Chicks

Color. That’s we we’re looking for. Also, more chickens. We have lost a handful of our early birds to some predatory scoundrel, we think. Nate found a mess of feathers in the yard a while back, and a few weeks … Continue reading

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