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Dead Raccoons & Fresh Baby Chicks

We’ve had a pretty good turn here on the farm, with the right kinds of life and death. Among the dead ones is a raccoon, which I am quite confident was decimating our corn patch/garden. The night we caught him, … Continue reading

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Innovations Indoors And Out

No, I did not forget about this blog. How could I? I love words. The search for the perfect moment, the rhythmic syllable punctuating a painstakingly crafted movement… the playful alliteration, carefully coy, like a laughing daffodil dancing in an … Continue reading

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Duck disappearance and patience, Pt. 1

I went out to feed our 12 ducks the other morning, and there were only 7. There are only two possibilities: they either got eaten, or they decided to fly south during the nastiest weather we’ve seen yet this season. … Continue reading

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Milking rhythm

When I begin doing something and my unwieldy inexperience leaves me frustrated, I always imagine how it will be when I have someday mastered that thing. It’s how I felt when I first began taking piano lessons at age 7. … Continue reading

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Bovine trickery

Milk production’s been down the last few days. We were getting more than a gallon on our best day; today, it was less than half a gallon. I’ve been at a loss. She has plenty of hay and a little … Continue reading

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Farm symbiosis

Joel Salatin’s farm is called Polyface Farm. The reason for the name is that his farm embraces the old, homestead-style model of raising many different animals on one farm and taking advantage of the beneficial relationships they offer one another. … Continue reading

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Milking the Cow: Day 3

Day 3 – Aug. 16, 2013 There will obviously come a time—hopefully soon—when the morning milkings will, by and large, be uneventful. At that point, I’ll quit regularly blogging about them. But that time is not yet, and while we’re … Continue reading

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The baby calf is here!!!

It is indeed a time of new life on the farm. Sometime during the night, our sweet Gertie had her first-ever calf. This beautiful little baby calf has been long-awaited on our farm! We bought Gertrude as a four-month old … Continue reading

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The Baby Goats Are Here!!!

Where to begin… If you’ve followed this blog much, you know we bought two female goats in the fall of 2011, under the pretext of their being pregnant. After they escaped, spent a long time wandering through our woods, and … Continue reading

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When pigs fly…

Life on the farm has been, and is, moving at breakneck speed lately. The season brings so much to do, and even though the days are longer, the sun always seems to set too soon. So I should be outside … Continue reading

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