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Lance, Manti, and memes

I love memes. You know, those ridiculous photos with some funny tagline on them that randomly become viral and sweep their way through the internet via email and Facebook. But memes aren’t just photos. The word comes from the Greek … Continue reading

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The other “f”-word

Anyways, it’s not that I actually want to run other people’s lives, but I so desperately want to tell them what I think they’re doing wrong. It’s probably because I’m a classic problem-solver. I know some people who are okay … Continue reading

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The Gay Agenda

It saddens me that so many evangelicals believe in the existence of and are committed to fighting an undefined force they title “The Gay Agenda,” but many of them are unwilling to acknowledge a very real force for evil in … Continue reading

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Why I Quit Facebook

Why I Quit… The reasons are numerous – an accumulation of dissatisfactions, irritations, disturbing posts by “friends,” and so on. But the reason I finally decided to quit Facebook – the event because of which I finally leaped from the … Continue reading

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I Love Spam

WordPress is a boon in that it automatically filters out spam comments. The reason people post spam comments is to gain a free place to give a link to their website. You know, Spam: pretending to be one thing, when … Continue reading

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Fragments – A Tribute

Many, to one, to many – and so it goes. Fragments – an empty wall, gaps in furnishings. Bills less confusing (more expensive), under only one name. Ownership – no more need to share. No longer compelled to “let it … Continue reading

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The Problem With Lassaiz-Faire

Entrepreneurialism and innovation in the free market can be great things. They have the potential to increase productivity, manage limited resources, improve standards of living, and perform incredible feats of industry. The concept of free markets is really a perspective … Continue reading

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Atheists, Christians, America, and Nothingness

There’s this breaking story on CNN about atheists taking over a spot in a public park that has traditionally been used by Christians to set up various nativity scenes at Christmas. The arguments for and against the move go something like … Continue reading

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Reflections On A Year

We’ve been here together for over a year now, and as Kate and I strolled with Saylor around the outlet mall today, we mused over what amazing things have occurred in the past year. A year ago, we could never … Continue reading

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“Memories, like the corners of my mind…”

Enough years have passed to go diggin’ for old memories. Here are a few in prose. TEN MEN/”Happy Thoughts” So dainty and empowering, her hand in the crook of my arm is like a declaration, “I am with him.” Good … Continue reading

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