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Poll: Ron Paul Rising Nationally Faster Than Santorum, Past Gingrich

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll bodes well for the two Republican candidates who have been running behind, and ill for the two who have been on top. The poll, which was conducted between February 2-6, shows Santorum gaining big ground. Voters … Continue reading

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Reading “End The Fed,” Ch. 4 – Central Banks and War

This is a short chapter, and in it, Congressman Paul notes the strange “coincidence” that the 20th century was the century of central banking, and also a century saturated with global warfare. In reality, as he aptly points out, central … Continue reading

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Reading “End The Fed” (chapter 3)

Chapter 3 of “End The Fed” is entitled, “My Intellectual Influences”. Here, Congressman Paul highlights three experiences from his childhood that carried valuable economic lessons.  They are: coin collecting, selling milk, and hearing inflationary tales of a German grandmother. Coin … Continue reading

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Reading “End The Fed” (Ch. 2)

Chapter 2: The Origin and Nature of the Fed [note: all italicized words are quotes (or grammatically-altered quotes) from the text] The Federal Reserve was created during the “Progressive Era – a time in which business in general became infatuated … Continue reading

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Reading “End The Fed” (intro & Ch. 1)

“It’s the economy, stupid.” The economy. It’s everyone’s favorite topic these days (with the occasional mention of such peripheral things as the overseas wars, the royal wedding, Steve Jobs, and oil spills). It’s one of my favorite topics – I … Continue reading

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