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Growing fodder for the homestead

Feed cost is the biggest ongoing expense for a farmer. So any time he/she can reduce feed costs, even by a little, he/she will do so, if he/she is smart. I’ve been researching ways to cut our feed costs, and … Continue reading

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The Road to Raw Milk, or, Gertie’s Gettin’ Knocked Up

There are two ways to get a cow pregnant. 1) Identify when the cow is in “standing heat” — when she’ll stand and let a bull breed her — and then put her in a chute, and pay a professional … Continue reading

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Ruminating: bovine pregnancy, goat hernias, and fall gardens

Fall’s cool whispers are winding their way through the Ozark hills. They remind us that summer is not forever and redemption is like rain. The Midwest Dust Bowl of 2012 is beginning to subside, and the newly moistened soil beckons … Continue reading

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The Pasture

When we first arrived at this farm, we began dreaming of restoring the pasture to its former glory. Since it had not been used in many years, it had become completely overgrown with trees, and the fencing was in shambles. … Continue reading

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Power, Corruption, and Raw Milk

In case you had forgotten that the tendency of all those with power is to seek more power… In case you had recently been thinking that, perhaps, corporatism is a force for good… In case you had begun to imagine … Continue reading

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Some thoughts (sprinkled with theology and home-grown photos). I. Food: The Foundation of All Economics These are the things I will argue: A) Food is the foundation of human society. B) A vibrant economy in any people group comes only … Continue reading

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What We Do: a montage of our days these days

In one of my favorite movies – A Beautiful Mind – Alicia Nash is tending the kitchen while her medicated husband sits at a table staring blankly at nothing. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” she asks. “What do people do?” he replies. … Continue reading

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Cow Tick Prevention: The Natural Way

Our dear sweet Gertrude is across the street, but this time it’s not because she escaped. Neighbor Dale offered us his currently-unoccupied, well-fenced pastures for Gerty’s use, while we wait for the monsoon season to end so we can set … Continue reading

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Jailbreak, or The Effects of Spring, or “Why Can’t We Leave You Alone For One Minute?”

Thursday was a day of transit. Kate and Saylor and I made our way from Texas back to the Ozarks. Taylor and Adrienne journeyed the opposite direction. The plan was this: Taylor and Adrienne would feed the animals in the … Continue reading

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