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Stovaries — a poultry poem

The year’s longest day, And the chickens won’t lay. Oh, Biddies! — Has my wild shepherd pup Plugged your ovaries up? Are you hiding your jewels Like prudence from fools? Are you molting? Revolting? May I offer some jolting: I’M … Continue reading

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A Poem

This poem was authored by Wendell Berry in 2008. I thought it fitting for Spring’s beauty that surrounds us. —– A man is walking in a field and everywhere at his feet in the short grass of April the small … Continue reading

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Fragments – A Tribute

Many, to one, to many – and so it goes. Fragments – an empty wall, gaps in furnishings. Bills less confusing (more expensive), under only one name. Ownership – no more need to share. No longer compelled to “let it … Continue reading

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The Problem With Lassaiz-Faire

Entrepreneurialism and innovation in the free market can be great things. They have the potential to increase productivity, manage limited resources, improve standards of living, and perform incredible feats of industry. The concept of free markets is really a perspective … Continue reading

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A Morsel of Hopkins

Whenever I haven’t read poetry in a while, I remember my love for it by going to Gerard Manley Hopkins. Perhaps my favorite poem by Hopkins is entitled God’s Grandeur. God’s Grandeur The world is charged with the grandeur of … Continue reading

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A Sonnet – For you, the voluptuous object of my longing

Enframed by thorned necessity, Your darkened beauty tempts me from the vine. Outreached, my hand would seize upon A fleeting chance to savor the divine. And yet your poisoned barbs give pause In my determination to advance. Now hesitant, should … Continue reading

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“Memories, like the corners of my mind…”

Enough years have passed to go diggin’ for old memories. Here are a few in prose. TEN MEN/”Happy Thoughts” So dainty and empowering, her hand in the crook of my arm is like a declaration, “I am with him.” Good … Continue reading

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Our Homebirth

Meet Saylor Jack Bechtold. His entrance into the world was not easy, but it was truly beautiful. We desire your prayers for the newest member of The Ozark House and the Bechtold family. Check back soon to read Nathan and … Continue reading

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Why I Am Not A Buddhist

This is one of my favorite contemporary poems. It’s by a woman who calls herself Molly Peacock. I promised it recently, and now it is here…along with a photo I found/made. WHY I AM NOT A BUDDHIST I love desire, … Continue reading

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A Lament Over The Thoroughly Modern (and completely uninquisitive) Church

Only answers from the front Or queries insincere at best. Declarations need (want) to blunt Honest, open, wandering quests for truth – questions.   Only answers from the front: Outlined charts and sermons, lest The holy hunger that we want … Continue reading

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