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Poisonous flowers and edible mushrooms

Last year, it basically didn’t rain in the central Missouri Ozarks after about March. So we had a brief spell of green, and then things were brown, for a very long time. But this year, things are different. We’re saturated. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts (sprinkled with theology and home-grown photos). I. Food: The Foundation of All Economics These are the things I will argue: A) Food is the foundation of human society. B) A vibrant economy in any people group comes only … Continue reading

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Sourdough: the solution to all the world’s problems

We make our own bread products in this house, and rely heavily on commercial yeast from the grocery store. Not only is the stuff expensive, it’s not self-sustaining, since you have to keep buying it to keep making bread. I … Continue reading

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What We Do: a montage of our days these days

In one of my favorite movies – A Beautiful Mind – Alicia Nash is tending the kitchen while her medicated husband sits at a table staring blankly at nothing. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” she asks. “What do people do?” he replies. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Eat Well So I Can live to be 100

I don’t do much now-a-days except sit in a chair to feed and rock my new beautiful, sweet, precious, amazing, little boy. In doing this, I have alot of time to think. Lately, something’s been weighing heavily on my heart. … Continue reading

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Ornery Old Red

This is Old Red. He was a 4 year old Rhode Island Red that ran the animal world of the first poultry/livestock purchases we’ve made. Soon after he was instated as commander in chief, we brought up a new generation … Continue reading

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It’s been an interesting week. Here are the highlights… Monday our well pump stopped working. Well, Kate and I were still driving back from Texas, so Taylor talked to my uncles (our landlords) and decided to call a local pump … Continue reading

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Deer season is upon us – the firearms portion, that is. Here in Missouri, the full season only lasts 10 days. Then I think there’s another 10-day season for doe, and then another for muzzleloaders. Archery season is long. But … Continue reading

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Pretty much a success this morning. We went to Tunas again, and the Mennonite folk were there this time. They said last Tuesday they just happened to have been gone all day (voting, perhaps?). So we got 2.5 gallons of … Continue reading

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Kate’s Chatterings

I woke up this morning, early, before 7am, freezing because we haven’t turned the heat on yet, and Nathan stole all my covers. I “roll” out of bed with a belly that I swear gets bigger and bigger everyday! I … Continue reading

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