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The Paul Factor…Rocking The RNC

I’ve been cutting back on the political posts, partly because of some negative feedback, and partly because the farm is just so much more pure and interesting. But a couple of events at the RNC demand my response. Both of … Continue reading

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Breakin’ Akin

I have a message for Todd Akin: PUSH BACK! In case you haven’t heard about the political firestorm that erupted over the Missouri Republican Senatorial candidate, I’ll sum it up. When asked in an interview if he supports abortion in … Continue reading

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Which would you prefer: Equality or Freedom?

I’ve been reading Alexis DeToqueville’s Democracy In America, and came across an absolutely brilliant depiction of Americans and democratic peoples in general. I wasn’t sure I agreed with him. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized … Continue reading

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Riesenstraube, anyone?

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Baby Chicks!

New life has emerged on the farm! Yesterday, our hens’ hard work (and surely sore bottoms) finally paid off, and we are happy to report that the chicks are hatching! If I remember correctly, we placed at least six eggs … Continue reading

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My Raw Milk Article

I recently wrote an opinion/news article about the injustice that occurred this spring in Missouri, concerning a dairy farm that was wrongfully indicated in an e.coli investigation. Check it out!

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