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Gardening on a snowy day

Sure, we may have gotten probably 4 or 5 inches of snow today. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little gardening! Those are some tomatoes and peppers we started a few weeks ago. Yeah… germination rate not great. … Continue reading

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Toddler talk

I know some of our friends on Facebook may have seen this, but I figured we’d post it on the blog too. This is a very interesting conversation we had with our two-year-old over dinner recently! Enjoy…

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I Love Spam, pt. 2

WordPress does a great job of filtering out the spam comments on our blog. However, the downside is that the incredibly artful rendering of those spam comments goes unappreciated, and our readers miss out on some pretty entertaining reading! So … Continue reading

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A few more BIG FAT questions

This one will be briefer than the last, but I thought I’d address a few of the comments, contentions, and conversations that have been produced by my previous blog. First, let me say I/we welcome all comments and discussion, as … Continue reading

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The Fattest Question of All

Want to live well and longer? Then do exactly what doctors and the mainstream media have been saying not to do for the past few decades… Eat butter, eat lard, and eat bacon! So-called science has claimed for decades that … Continue reading

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A wintry gallery

It snowed for like five days straight here at The Ozark House. I don’t mean we had a 120-hour blizzard.  But we had accumulating snow from Monday, Feb. 25 – Friday, March 1. And as stir crazy as that has … Continue reading

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Critics say Missouri bill would protect big ag and hurt small farmers

I recently penned an article regarding a Missouri House bill that would amend the state constitution (if voters pass it) to prevent any regulation of agricultural technology or modern farming methods – aka genetically modified seeds (GMOs) and concentrated animal … Continue reading

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