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How Spring Seems

The forest has greenified, the chickens are munching on multifarious insects, the cow and goats are grazing in increasingly verdant pastures, and all manner of plants and trees have begun to display their wild and dazzling arrays of colors, patterns, … Continue reading

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Obama, and How He Thinks He Was Actually Elected To Be A Dictator

The man we all know resents us, and to whom a few of us – the stubborn ones yet to admit their buyer’s remorse from 2008 – have remained sickeningly devoted: this man has gone far, far too far. With … Continue reading

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Missouri Mayhem

The media is reporting the St. Charles, Missouri caucus fiasco as a meeting that was hijacked by Ron Paul supporters. Video evidence shows this is far from the truth. The disorder began when the introductory chairman informed everyone that there … Continue reading

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Santorum’s Sway, or What Is Conservatism?, or “Constitution? What Constitution?”

Who really likes Romney? I mean, besides soulless automatons (birds of a feather…). Okay, that’s cruel. But in all seriousness, I hear about the “not-Romney” vote about as often as I hear about Romney winning another state primary. For some … Continue reading

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And now for something a little different… Ticks are a problem. I hate them, you hate them, we all hate them. They’re gross, painful, and annoying. But they’re also dangerous. In the country, and even in some suburban areas, ticks … Continue reading

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Liberty: Just A National Fluke?

In a culture obsessed with drama and celebrity, the recent debate about contraception has produced a new set of heroes and villains. The question is: Who are the heroes (or are there any?) and who are the villians? I’ll venture … Continue reading

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