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Power, Corruption, and Raw Milk

In case you had forgotten that the tendency of all those with power is to seek more power… In case you had recently been thinking that, perhaps, corporatism is a force for good… In case you had begun to imagine … Continue reading

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Gardening: harvests and lessons

It’s been a learning experience, gardening. We made some dire mistakes. And we’ve had some glorious successes. In brief, our mistakes, our successes, and some photos…. MISTAKES -We tried to integrate the idea of “raised beds” into our rows. We … Continue reading

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Relevant Magazine Article – the full interviews

I recently wrote an article for Relevant Magazine. The piece dealt with “food ethics,” specifically how we as human beings have become disconnected from the soil (our origins – see Genesis 1) and from our food (which comes from the … Continue reading

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Sourdough: the solution to all the world’s problems

We make our own bread products in this house, and rely heavily on commercial yeast from the grocery store. Not only is the stuff expensive, it’s not self-sustaining, since you have to keep buying it to keep making bread. I … Continue reading

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What We Do: a montage of our days these days

In one of my favorite movies – A Beautiful Mind – Alicia Nash is tending the kitchen while her medicated husband sits at a table staring blankly at nothing. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” she asks. “What do people do?” he replies. … Continue reading

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Cow Tick Prevention: The Natural Way

Our dear sweet Gertrude is across the street, but this time it’s not because she escaped. Neighbor Dale offered us his currently-unoccupied, well-fenced pastures for Gerty’s use, while we wait for the monsoon season to end so we can set … Continue reading

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Visitors and Pig Progress

Lots of visitors have graced the Ozark House over the last two weekends. Barry – my dad – stopped through for a few days the weekend of May 13-15, and then Dixie – my mom – along with her mother, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Eat Well So I Can live to be 100

I don’t do much now-a-days except sit in a chair to feed and rock my new beautiful, sweet, precious, amazing, little boy. In doing this, I have alot of time to think. Lately, something’s been weighing heavily on my heart. … Continue reading

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Spring sprouting

In all reality, we are a tad behind on our garden. I don’t think it’ll be too detrimental, but I kinda wish we’d gotten started a bit earlier. That said, we have made some progress.. On starting indoors Some vegetables … Continue reading

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A Clean Incision

One hundred and twelve miles is good dreaming time for two aspiring men of dirt, Nathan and me in particular. And at the end of that distance waited for us three animals with a similar interest in dirt; oft times … Continue reading

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