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How Spring Seems

The forest has greenified, the chickens are munching on multifarious insects, the cow and goats are grazing in increasingly verdant pastures, and all manner of plants and trees have begun to display their wild and dazzling arrays of colors, patterns, … Continue reading

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Difficult Days: Laments and Lessons On the Farm

The difference between dreams and reality is…well…reality. One often imagines things will work out a certain way, imagines all the fine details about how such things will work out, invents grand plans based on the success of such imaginings. Then, … Continue reading

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Gardening: harvests and lessons

It’s been a learning experience, gardening. We made some dire mistakes. And we’ve had some glorious successes. In brief, our mistakes, our successes, and some photos…. MISTAKES -We tried to integrate the idea of “raised beds” into our rows. We … Continue reading

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Lake of the Ozarks State Park: a hiking photo/video montage

Lately we’ve been morel hunting. If you don’t know, morels are edible mushrooms that are supposed to be making their appearance right about now. But they’re supposedly somewhat elusive. Such as been our experience. However… Some other interesting sights in … Continue reading

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