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Ozark Winter Wonderland

Well, we finally got some snow here at The Ozark House! It’s not been a terribly dry winter, but almost all of the precipitation has come in the form of rain or sleet. But this morning, we woke up to … Continue reading

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Saylor Jack’s birthday!

Today is a special day for our Bubby Boy. He’s two! We are so grateful for our wonderful family who loves our sweet boy so much, and our dear friends who have played an important role in his life. Here’s … Continue reading

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The hard truth about entitlements

Social Security and Medicare were nice ideas. Anyways, that’s generally how politicians get and stay elected: putting out nice ideas – things that make people feel good, like the government loves them. But in reality, Social Security and Medicare were … Continue reading

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How to grow fodder year round

Because we’re more of a farmstead than a production operation, our feed requirements are not very high. The pigs usually get 5-6 pounds per day apiece. The goats get hay and the occasional handful of grain. The chickens get a … Continue reading

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Obama shoots skeet?

Weird… I guess the White House accidentally released the wrong photo… Why destroy skeet when you can destroy something so much more valuable? In this 2001 radio interview, then-Senator Obama discusses in frank terms what he wishes the Constitution was… … Continue reading

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In defense of the semicolon

Deep in the bowels of your old English Grammar book (which you undoubtedly sold back to your college bookstore at a 95% loss), a terribly boring, well-meaning, underpaid textbook writer placed a glowing gem of linguistic beauty. You, no doubt, … Continue reading

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