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The Problem With Latex

Margaret Sanger was (half) wrong. If you just thought, “Who’s Margaret Sanger?”, you’re in good company. I only recently learned of the woman; before that, hers was one of those names that is vaguely recognizable but completely unaffiliated with any … Continue reading

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Review of “The Business of Being Born”

“The Business of Being Born” is a passionate ground-level examination of home childbirth, anchored in a scene in which its executive producer, Ricki Lake, the actress and former talk-show host, gives birth to her second child in a bathtub. That … Continue reading

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How my life has changed since being a mom

Man, oh man. Where do I begin? Let’s start from the very beginning-the moment my baby boy came into the world and cried for the first time. Although laboring with him wasn’t brutal or impossible, it definitely proved to be … Continue reading

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About Our Birth Story

The birth story of Saylor Jack was posted this week on the Marvelous Kiddo blog! We love this blog – it was a great encouragement to us during Kate’s pregnancy, as the blog often posts the stories of women doing … Continue reading

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Our Homebirth

Meet Saylor Jack Bechtold. His entrance into the world was not easy, but it was truly beautiful. We desire your prayers for the newest member of The Ozark House and the Bechtold family. Check back soon to read Nathan and … Continue reading

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35 Weeks

This is me at 35 weeks pregnant. I’m going to put up a new picture every week until our sweet baby is here. This is mainly for our families because they won’t see me again until the little mouse’ arrival. … Continue reading

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Baby Crib Mattress Review

Baby is most likely one month out, so Kate and I went on the big shopping trip today. Our wonderful friends and family provided us with plenty of Target and Babies-R-Us cards (and cash!), enabling us to make those big … Continue reading

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…N&K… We had our first official meeting with our midwife today! Her name is Kelly, and she’s quite cool, also we agree on tons of things – concerning the industrialization of our food and medicine systems, the wastefulness of our … Continue reading

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Kate’s Chatterings

I woke up this morning, early, before 7am, freezing because we haven’t turned the heat on yet, and Nathan stole all my covers. I “roll” out of bed with a belly that I swear gets bigger and bigger everyday! I … Continue reading

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