Global Miscellany


– I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but I guess I’ve finally snapped. As the news media continues to pretend that they’re reporting this story (or any story) in an unbiased manner, they continue to discredit themselves as voices worth heeding at all. CNN just did a story on George Zimmerman’s bond. It’s been set at $1 million, and the Martin family isn’t happy about the idea of him out of jail. Fine. But the photos CNN showed of the two men? Trayvon with a sweet innocent grin. Zimmerman’s serious mug shot. Poisoning the well, anyone?


– Clearly Iran is bent on flexing their military muscles. The lead-up to war is, it seems to me, exhilarating for warmongers on both sides and the military industrial complex. Speaking of the military industrial complex, there’s the budget reduction in military spending proposed by Obama (which I think is a good start)…it still leaves us with by far the largest military in the world, but it has military-related manufacturing companies threatening nearly a million layoffs less than a week before the election. So the Republicans have to decide: do they want to strike a brutal blow to Obama’s re-election chances by letting the unemployment numbers skyrocket the week of the election, or do they want to save their bloated military? Oh, and then Obama’s also talking about reducing our nuclear weapons arsenal. Why is that even controversial?


– There was a time when it regularly rained in central Missouri. Oh, how I long for the good ole’ days. And I know we Ozarkians are not the only ones suffering. Do you ever look at the weather map – you know, the one with the day’s high temperatures for major cities across the country – and think, “Well, Seattle seems like a nice place to live.”? Yet, we persist…I do love the Ozarks.

Dancing Bubby

This should be globally acclaimed. Look at this kid…

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